18 weeks, 72 miles and a return to higher mid week mileage

I had Thursday and Friday off work this week and managed to fit in slightly more miles than usual for Monday to Friday. During that timevI did 6 laps of 7.5 miles in total and was happy with how I settled into doing 2 of these at a time on my days off.

My brother Ben joined me for 5 laps in Post Hill Woods yesterday and continued on for another 4 laps without me which I was particularly impressed by. I had committed to going out for breakfast and this would be one of those weekends where getting back from my morning run at 1pm may be frowned upon!

I finished the week with 8 more laps of Post Hill Woods at 11am after work. These were quite fun as I had promised to get back by 2:30pm so gave myself a slight time pressure. The plan initially for breaks was to do 3 laps then another 3 then 2 but I pushed on and only took one break at 4 laps. I had some fruit cake and chugged more water than I should have from a 5L bottle. I was pleased to be able to finish the remaining 4 laps at a marginally slower pace.

There was a rather cutting turn of phrase I found last year about being able to tell when someone has found a new TV show that inspires them at work by when they put more effort in!

I have found watching the first 2 seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale with my wife Helen has worked to some extent for this with me! I have really liked the adaptability and survival elements of the show. These are particularly well illustrated by the below quote



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