4 weeks to go, 3 training runs and my lowest weekly total since September (17.2 miles)

This week was very sluggish and I lacked any motivation to head out until Friday. The Comrades plan I have been following originally called for 2 consecutive weeks of 75 miles but how tired I was for the first 4 days of this week shows how far away I am at the moment from being able to do this.

Granted I had lost a few weeks due to injuries, which I either ran on for reduced mileage or rested and it would have been a bit close to the race to try this week anyway, but the idea of following the same plan more rigidly in a few years does seem possible. At least there is some comfort in knowing the race I’m doing is not 56 miles in under 11hrs what the plan was designed for.

The first run of 5.4 miles on Friday was quite sluggish as I had been for a sports massage earlier in the day and the top of my right leg was quite painful. I continued to persevere with this for my run with Paddy on Saturday morning.

Luckily for me he had been overtraining in martial arts 3 times a day in Thailand for the last few weeks (this is my blog not his so I wont go into any more detail!) This meant he wasn’t up for,or expecting a faster pace.

I finished the week with another 5.4 miles this morning. The plan was to head out for a longer effort but I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm and was ridiculously cold throughout.

I am hoping to maintain around 35-40 miles a week for the next few before the race and maybe only 5-10 the week of the race. This should ensure I get some freshness back in my legs beforehand.


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