7 weeks, 12 training runs and 103 miles

When I first tried to plan out how my training would last over a year towards the Autumn 100, I really wanted to give Paris by Night my best efforts which meant lots of miles in November, I was also aware I needed lots of elevation to manage the Scafell Sky Race, but I knew once both of those were ‘out of the way’, I would need my highest weekly totals to be in the 2 months to 1 month away window.

I have some reservations about attempting to run high mileage for several weeks in a row so this week will have been the first of 3 higher than usual with one reduced week in between. Because I still wanted at least a 3 week taper before the race. It pretty much had to go to plan.

I managed 52.5 midweek miles between Tuesday and Friday consisting of one 7.5 mile lap on Tuesday then two laps the other days.

My weekend plans initially were for back to back 22.5 mile days, I did four laps of 7.5 miles yesterday morning with a break between the first two and second two for taking my wife ot the gym. I then snuck in a 5.4 mile run early evening so I would scrape over 100 for the week with today’s efforts.

I did my last two laps of 7.5 miles either side of taking my wife to the gym again. My friend Tom joined me for the second of the these and it was good to be able to catch up with him as well.

There is a non-running area of my life for which this week has served as a bit of a full-circle moment. I think the 100 miles would have happened regardless but this area certainly helped with extra motivation.


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